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A Double Dose of Dazzle: Diana Vreeland and Atelier Swarovski

Diana Vreeland was deeply passionate about things of beauty—jewelry, of course, being one of them. “I love emeralds, but nothing to me is like a diamond,” she told George Plimpton during the writing of her 1984 memoir, D.V. “I mean a diamond in this room . . . if one person was sitting there with a diamond on, the whole aspect of the room to me would be different."

Mrs. Vreeland loved diamonds so much that she once waited for thirteen years for a woman who owned a fabulous diamond to die so she could feature it in Vogue in 1967. Richard Avedon photographed it in Penelope Tree’s eye. “I didn’t wait thirteen years for Penelope to grow up . . . but she came along simultaneously with the diamond!” Mrs. Vreeland enthused. And it wasn’t just priceless stones she was mad for. Mrs. Vreeland was also quite fond of costume jewelry—as long as it was bold and dramatic, just like her.

This year, Atelier Swarvoski pays homage to Mrs. Vreeland’s love of luxe and sparkle with the launch of the Diana Vreeland Legacy Collection. The capsule collection consists of three stories. The Diana Vreeland Cross pieces are inspired by Mrs. Vreeland’s love of crosses and military regalia and are available in Black Diamond, Siam or Multi crystals. The Dance pieces, made from swinging Black, Grey and Clear Diamond crystals, reflect the spirit of the 1920s and the movement and sparkle of Josephine Baker. And Crystal Celebration touts Mrs. Vreeland’s love for big diamonds with gorgeously outsized crystals. These themes are expressed in cuffs, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches—even a key chain.

The Collection was designed by Atelier Swarovski in collaboration with the Diana Vreeland Estate.  It was manufactured in Italy by fine craftsmen and is available in stores and online. 

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