Presidential Style

"Dear Mrs. Vreeland- I write to you in hopes that in your busy life
you could find a couple minutes to help me solve
an enormous problem, which is CLOTHES!" 

In the fall of 1960, a young Jacqueline Kennedy penned this letter to Diana Vreeland. This lead to a lifetime of correspondence, friendship and mentorship. She understood Jackie's innately modern tastes and together they created some of the most iconic clothing moments in modern history.

In their correspondence, Jackie outlined her dream inaugural gown which Mrs. Vreeland helped her design. She wrote, "I want you to know that you are and always will be my fashion mentor. Please know that no one has ever been as helpful to me as you and I will never forget that." True to her nature, Mrs. Vreeland always downplayed her role. She recalls in her autobiography, 'DV': 

"I had a small part in this. I occasionally gave Jackie advice about clothes. I did suggest that she carry a sable muff on Inauguration Day. It was only for practical reasons- I thought she was going to freeze to death. But I also think muffs are romantic...because they have to do with history."

They would go on to remain friends and confidantes throughout their lives. 

Photo credit: Jackie Kennedy and John F Kennedy at the Inaugural Ball, January 20th, 1961. Photo c/o Bettmann Corbis


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