Since the premier of Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel in Venice a few months ago, industry interest has continued to grow. After securing North American distribution with Samuel Goldwyn, film’s sales reps at Submarine Entertainment have sold the film in several foreign markets: Madman Entertainment will distribute in New Zealand and Australia, Studio Canal in the UK and Ireland, and Home Screen will roll the film out in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The documentary is slated for worldwide release in 2012.

Submarine Entertainment also negotiated a deal with HanWay Films, who will act as sales agent for additional foreign markets. Fabian Weinhoff at HanWay has stated, “The incredibly witty and timeless film will entertain audiences worldwide.” 

October marked another busy month for the documentary. Screenings were scheduled at three festivals, providing film and fashion buffs the chance to watch the movie in advance of its theatrical release in 2012. The Mill Valley Film Festival, The Chicago Film Festival, and the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival. 

Immordino Vreeland took home the film’s first award, the Silver Hugo in the DocuFest category at the Chicago Film Festival for what was deemed a “visually and aurally innovative” documentary. According to the festival website, “The filmmakers have used a range of techniques in the service of a central aim: to connect audiences with the essence of this unique woman who reflected her times.” 

Photograph by: George Platt Lynes 


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